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Coming soon:
  • Server side Java -- too cool for words
  • Android -- even cooler, when it's not pissing me off
  • Arduino -- because, really, what's cooler than robots?
  • PHP -- A love/hate relationship
  • Javascript -- A hate/hate relationship
  • Project ideas -- I've got a million of them.
  • Eclipse -- so good, and yet so weak.

  • 2017

    XSLT Testing
    REST vs. not-REST
    ASUS vs. Linksys


    Video Editors
    Windows: Can't open a port. Need to see what process has the port open.
    Delphi: TBlobStream.Create fails with "Invalid typecast"
    Delphi: JCL error during compile, "Expected ':' but an identifier found"
    Delphi: Where it went so, so wrong...
    Server Side Java


    "The type or namespace name 'Oracle' could not be found"
    Linksys Smart Wi-Fi


    Chilkat Encryption Libraries
    Dell Inspiron 15, 3000 Series
    ActivityInstrumentationTestCase2 tests not running
    IDTech Swipe Won't Work
    Where Delphi Went Off the Tracks
    JVM terminated: Exit code=13
    Graphics Done Right


    HP Printers: Complete Crap
    Graphics Done Right


    Android Fragment Frustration

    Todd Grigsby